Della Burford's Art - Unveiling her Inspirational Life.

Forty years of originals - watercolors, acrylics, and oils


Della Burford
International Artist

Education: NYSID, B.Sc Textiles, B.Ed
Painting teacher - Desiree Burford (mother).
Themes of Imagination, Healing Oneself and Earth, Vision & Dreams.
Five One Woman Painting Shows.
Group Painting Shows "Society for Art of Imagination" Ottawa, Montreal, Peru, Bali, N.Y.C., London.
"Shaman's Eye" 1st prize at a Visionary Conference in Moscow.
Printer Institute of America Award "Dodoland" book - 1979.
Dodoland performed in New York 7 years - Museum of Natural History, B.A.M., Shools, Hospital, Festivals.
Dodoland performed in the Discovery Theatre of the Smithsonian Institute.
Della's best-selling book "Magical Earth Secrets" performed - seven years in Japan.
"Miracle Galaxy" - Play two years in Japan.
"Dodoland" story website has had 22 million hits.
Art/Storytelling - Korea, Gautemala, Bali, Mexico, Peru, England, Italy, Holland, Austria, Canada and United States.
Her husband Dale Bertrand has helped, supported and been part of many Projects.
In the Design Science Studio program from Della's work Topia Worlds, 3-D Installation and Animation have been created.
Quote from Della "Art for One World" "Here's to all creation who help humanity and all life on our planet earth."

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Della was inspired by Buckminster Fuller in 1979 when she saw his body disappear when lecturing and he became a bright light. She knew his statement - "that you do not belong to you, you belong to the universe"- rang true and put this cosmic energy into her paintings and again with him as inspiration makes her work for 100% of humanity and all life. She has been a part of the Design Science Studio the last two years - one partner being the Buckminster Fuller Institute in what is a ten year Design Science Decade program visioned originally by Buckminster Fuller.

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  • Dodoland - thanks to Chris Martin.
  • Della has ten paintings she is working on in the One Pradihaan Period = here are two.