Della Burford's Art - Empowering to Love & Protect Earth

Forty years of originals - watercolors, acrylics, and oils

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  • Impact of Magical Earth Secrets

    Painting are published in the Magical Earth Secrets Book
    by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.
    Magical Earth Secrets was a best seller in Canada.
    Theatrical Production by Imaginations Unlimited in New York.
    Story/Paintings taken to Globetree Event, Stockholm, Sweden on "What is life importance for the future?"
    Play by Maria Formolo Dance in Edmonton - Centennial Libary. Art show by Della & Desiree Burford.
    Painting/Story/Storytelling at World Island Festival at Jeju Island, Korea.
    Story/Art/Storytelling at Festival of Children in Newport Beach California.
    Dance/Play for 7 years in Japan called "Magical Rainbow" by 100% Parade with Kazuko Asaba & Ruu.
    Magical Earth Secrets performed in Japan at Kanazawabunko Festival.(Authors attending)
    Companion Activity book called Earth Action. (See Book List)
    Paintings shown in 3-D installations for Mora - Design Science Studio Salons.
    Dance/Play at the Life Festival near Mt Fuji is to be held on September 2024.

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