Della Burford's Art - Navigating Inner Worlds & Dreams

Forty years of originals - watercolors, acrylics, and oils

Divine Cycle 2009 - 2015

Dance of Life and Della Lotus are oils, World Spiritual Leaders a watercolor, Transformation is a acrylic and 30" by 40".
Shaman's Eye is a watercolor 18 inches by 24 inches, It won first prize at at Visionary Art Conference in Moscow.

Birth and the Painting below that are liquid acrylic on canvas and 24 inches by 30 inches. They are the heads of Chapters in the Book Dream Wheels.

Book,Workshops, Quotes

Impact of Dream Wheels

Many painting have been published in Dream Wheels. (See Book link)
Stories behind painting are published in the book Art for One World.(See Book Link)
Studied the mische technique in Vienna with Philip Rubinov Jacobsen.
Transformation was shown at Arthoff Art Gallery in Austria
Dream Wheels paintings shown at Society for Art of Imagination group shows - Ottawa, Montreal, London, England.
Dance of Life was shown at the School of Fine Art in Cuzco, Peru - Art of Imagination show.
Transformation was shown at Arthoff Art Gallery in Austria
Dream Wheels Show of Painting shown with Karja at Karja Art Space in Bali.
Shaman's Eye won first prize for Graphic Art at Visonary Art Conference in Moscow.
Dance of Life, Transformation, Mother of the World, Della lotus and Shaman's Eye published Journey to a Lotus Book(See Book link)
After Dream Wheels publication to expand Dream Knowledge from other countries studied 10 courses with Robert Moss,
3 with Don Oscar Miro Quesada (Peru),one Dream course with Sergio Magana (Mexico) and one with Tenzin Wangyhal Rinpoche (Tibet) on Dream Yoga.