Della Burford's Art - Inspiring One to Self Heal

Forty years of originals - watercolors, acrylics, and oils

Miracle Cycle 2002 - 2008

The Miracle Galaxy cover and Angel Mandala are square
but other are 14 inch by 18 inch - watercolor and ink


Book,Workshops, Quotes

"Miracle Galaxy Impact"

Paintings have been published in Miracle Galaxy(See Book link)
Art for One World Book tells how paintings developed.(See Book link)
Stories shared in Peace booklet by Julie Lieberman for Newtown community.
Stores/Paintings shared by Inspire Health and Vancouver Cancer Center.
Story/Paintings shared at hospital in Jeju Island for World Island Festival Story/Paintings share in Holland - "Create your own Healing Story" Story/Painting at Community Art Gallery Victoria- Sounding the Stones-Penn Kemp
Play/Dance/in Japan produced by the costume designer Ruu Ruu- 2020-2024.

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