Anr Desiree Burford's Art - Journeying Magical Crystal World

Forty years of originals - watercolors, acrylics, ink

Celestial Crystal Series

Desiree had a love of snow and ice. Della and Desiree painted outside even in the winter with the ice crystal around. This gave inspiration for both fairy tale like environments and also space like revelations. A quote by Buckminster Fuller rang true to both of them - "You do not belong to you - you belong to the universe".

Links: Anr Desiree had a exhibiton with Della Burford at the Centennial Library when Della's book Magical Earth Secrets was performed by the Maria Formolo Dance Company. Many of the Celestial Crystal painting and painting from the Picture book were shown.

Some of Desiree's favourite shows:
Views from Alberta – 1991 Muttart Art Gallery
Celebration of Women in the Arts Celebration of Women in the Arts"
Federation of Canadian Artists.


Ice Flow

Purple Crystals

Pink Space

Magental Crystal

Blue Crystal

Celestial Object


Continental Drift